24K Gold Plated .45 With Bamboo Grips




Saluting Our Heroes, Neighbors & Friends

My Never Fired 24K Gold Plated .45 With Bamboo Grips

Only 125 Produced.

Viet Nam War Tribute


Winning Odds:  1 in 500







Number Of Tickets: 1000


Vietnam War Golden Anniversary Tribute Colt .45.


Vietnam was a faraway spot most had never known about, with various traditions, food, climate and convictions. Be it in the Northern Highlands, the Central Highlands, the Plains, the Mekong Delta, the southern rice paddies, over the South China Sea or into the town villas, the domain was weird and could change totally instantly. There were no “forefronts”. No “in the back with the apparatus”. It was certainly not a decent spot to be. No place was protected—not even in Saigon, the legislative center city.

That is the reason the essential, officially sanctioned sidearm is so valued. It is alluded to as ‘the .45″ or “the Colt .45” – as Colt put it on the map, and huge numbers of them were Old Boys that had seen a lot of administration – some shielding our soldiers against human-wave assaults in Korea, and others returning to deployment ready in World War II.

Numerous American lives were spared with the Colt .45. The knockdown intensity of that .45 ACP round is far better than that of the NATO-issue 9mm. At the point when you heave this 3 pounds of steel, you will recollect – or know, unexpectedly – what genuine security feels like. Helpful and inspiring to wear on your hip or aside your chest.

In the possession of American soldiers, it drew in the adversary, eyeball-to-eyeball, with snorts who bumped the boonies and set up – or were hit by – ambushes, with the Marines who hung on at Khe Sanh, with stream racers in quick movers over Hanoi and with the Brown-Water Sailors who watched here and there the Mekong in PBR’s… and it has become, today, one of the most acclaimed guns in world history. The NRA chose it as one of the 10 most-significant guns in American history — and it is essential for the legacy of us all who gladly call ourselves Americans.

All through time, it has been a military custom for battling powers to respect their fighters with the production of unique decorated military weapons of the sort they conveyed in fight. Furthermore, today, that convention proceeds, as we gladly salute the Americans who served our nation in the battle for the safeguarding of opportunity in Southeast Asia — and the individuals who kept on supporting this long undertaking.

History—and time—will pass judgment on the Americans who served there to be the legends of that decade. Some were volunteers; some were draftees. Most had different lives to lead. In any case, when obligation called, they replied and served. We can invest wholeheartedly in their numerous achievements. They did with the administration of our country requested that they do, and they did it well.

Presently, the to a great extent overlooked people who served – and the respectable inspirations and the American soul that made us enter the contention — are regarded through the issuance of this noteworthy and lovely accolade. Regardless of whether you or a relative served in Vietnam, your proprietorship and show of this Colt .45 shows that you are glad for the Americans who addressed the call to obligation in this “Honorable Cause”.

Basically: This is ostensibly one of the most fantastic hand-engraved guns ever constructed accessible to respect the Vietnam War. We needed to make a gun magnum opus that would be a lasting token of the glad people who served in the Vietnam War. It will be an attractive fortune you can gladly show, and it will surely be a remembrance to go down for ages.

To accomplish this elevated objective, we planned it to be secured with hand etching, utilizing the

respected, mallet and-etch technique. Of the apparent multitude of potential completions for the law steel, we reflect cleaned and plated it with veritable 24-karat gold — by a long shot the most delightful – and the most troublesome and generally costly.

Hand-Engraved Details

It’s hard to track down hand-engraved guns nowadays, since it’s almost difficult to track down experienced hand etchers!

We have quickly conquered these incredible challenges, so when you see this Colt .45 and grasp it, you will comprehend. Each engraved bend, bamboo leaf, and the punch spot foundation shows the distinction close by etching and some other procedure, particularly as the light reflects and shines over the engraved lines, hand cut with extraordinary, little, steel etches, tapped by the etcher with a mallet.

What’s more, discussing bamboo leaves, take a gander at the quantity of leaves that must be hand-cut over the wide pads and shapes of the two sides of the slide, the head of the slide, the trigger, the thumb wellbeing, and the slide stop.

Craftsman Polishing and Laser-Engraved Details

Before this etching, we clean the steel to a mirror finish, to create a foundation that is the ideal ‘canvas’ for underscoring the hand etching. Like the hand etching, the mirror cleaning is a craftsman strategy; the quantity of fine-cleaning skilled workers ready to do this effectively has dwindled enormously throughout the long term.

After the cleaning is finished, the standards, the mythical serpent, and Republic of Vietnam Service Medal are laser-engraved on the slide, and the monster is hand pursued by our etcher. Our etchers at that point can begin including the hand-engraved work of art: the head of the slide is expertly hand-engraved and includes a framework of the guide of Vietnam, alongside the bamboo leaves and punch spot foundation.

Bamboo Grips!

As an ideal connection to the hand-engraved bamboo leaves that spread this gun, the grasps are made of bamboo, suggestive of Vietnam. For America Remembers, this is the first occasion when one of our Limited Edition Colt .45 Tributes has accompanied bamboo grasps. Accomplished by cutting the bamboo into slim bits, these are then mated back together to shape a ‘strong’ bit of wood (like the costly, hand-made fly bars of days gone by).

Version Limit: Only 250

Because of the incredible measure of time and ability needed to make every one of these individual show-stoppers, we have set as far as possible at just 250 — only one to speak to each 10,000 Americans of the 2,500,000 who served. These are being made, each in turn. Your gun is exceptionally engraved with its Limited Edition No. somewhere in the range of 001 and 250, and the Edition No. is additionally entered on the Certificate of Authenticity that goes with your gun.

Fulfillment Guaranteed

Try not to stop for a second to arrange your Tribute today. Reservations will be acknowledged in the request they are gotten. You can mail us your booking structure, or to organize your request and affirm accessibility, call us complementary at 1-800-682-2291. We will mastermind conveyance of your working gun through your preferred authorized guns seller. What’s more, as usual, you’ll get the Tribute with our 30-day assurance of fulfillment. On the off chance that you are not totally happy with your Tribute after your own review, you may restore it to us inside 30 days in unique unfired condition for a total and considerate discount.

Here and there it appears to be that open doors will be around for eternity. Not so with this, because of the low release breaking point of just 250, because of the very significant level of ability that must go into it. So please get in touch with us promptly, if this requests to your feeling of nationalism and your affection for fine guns.

Secure Your Tribute Today

Every one of the individuals who served in Vietnam merit a respected spot in America’s set of experiences. At the point when America called, they replied. They didn’t stop for a second to risk their lives and give everything in support of our nation. Regardless of whether you are a veteran who addressed the call to obligation in Vietnam, a set of experiences buff, an authority of fine guns, or you wish to respect your dad, spouse, sibling, or other relative, this Vietnam War Golden Anniversary Tribute Pistol will most likely be an exceptional Tribute and a continuous token of their hard work to our nation. Request your Vietnam War Golden Anniversary Tribute Pistol today and secure one of just 250 of these hand-engraved recognitions for the individuals who served in Vietnam.